ABN Domestic Television Corporation
New logo


Television network distributor

Country of origin

United States


Champion Digital Broadcasting


Taylor G. Winston




Seattle, WA
Denver, CO
Charlotte, NC

Current operations

ABN Animation Network
ABN Family
ABN Food and Cuisine ABN GameZone
ABN Kids
ABN Market Network
ABN Maxx
ABN Motorsports
ABN Plus
ABN Sports
ABN Teenz
ABN Traffic Channel
ABN Ultra HD Cinemas
ABN Ultra HD Marketplace
ABN WeatherMax
ABN Wild Zone
ABN Women
Big Sky Network
The Racing Channel (soon to be succeeded by ABN Motorsports)
USN (UBC Sports Network)

Key purposes

Digital TV production
Network operations
Program distribution
Television station contracting

ABN Domestic Television Corporation is the parent owner of American Broadcast Network (ABN) and its associate network operations. It is owned by Champion Digital Broadcasting as a fully-funded operation with offices in Seattle, Denver, and Charlotte. Taylor G. Winston, grandson of Champion Television Group founder, Lee Winston, is the company's president also serving as Vice-President of Network Operations.

The DTC is a large chain of cable and satellite networks created for the purpose of serving a particular demographic for the content covered on each respected network.

The DTC also handles the programming rights, production and distribution throughout the United States and also deals with imported programming rights.

New or existing stations contract with the ABN DTC to be an affiliate of ABN and carry other ABN related programming on associated networks like ABN Plus, Mundovision, TRC and more.

Acquistions/Potential buyouts/Mergers

The ABN Domestic Television Corporation acquires and/or buys out stations or defunct networks as the budget necessitates. At any given time a television station relinquishes an affiliated network, ABN will have the option to buy the station completely or run it through a group of network owners or parents. ABN DTC can also acquire mergers with other potential networks.

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