ABN Kids
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United States


March 1, 1996


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Sabana American Broadcast Holdings


ABN Domestic Television Corporation

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1080i HDTV
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ABN Kids is the cable network operated by American Broadcast Network as a part of the ABN Domestic Television Corporation. The subchannel was created with an emphasis on the young demographic of 12-months to 8 years airing childrens programming. It officially launched on March 1, 1996.

Programming on ABN Kids

These are the programs that air weekly on ABN Kids which includes holiday specials.

  • Team Thunder
  • Mighty G Super Hour
  • Saturday Supercade (3-hour block of programs in 30 minute to 1 hour increments)
  • America's Kids
  • Wordsville
  • Captain Texas and the Mighty Red Raiders
  • Apache Jones
  • The Secret Adventures of Billy Haymen
  • Kid Kassidy
  • Colonel Custard's Untold Mysteries
  • Holmes and Watson: Crime Investigators
  • Lassie's World
  • Peter Rabbit's Marvelous Adventures
  • Sky Hawks: The Chronicles of Thunderbeak
  • Brain Busters (Videotaped game show)
  • GUTS! (Videotaped athletic competition from the ABN Studios in Seattle)
  • Thanksgiving programs:
    • The Great American Feast
    • Kid Kassidy and Friends
    • Wordsville Thanksgiving Special
    • Captain Texas and the Mighty Red Raiders: The Movie
  • Christmas programs
    • Frosty's Great Snow Race
    • The Great Miracle on Times Square
    • Rudolph's Sky High Adventures
    • Sky Hawks: Legends of the Golden Chistmas Star

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