ABN Maxx
Logo used since launch


Television network subchannel


United States


April 9, 2013


Real TV for Real Men


Sabana American Broadcast Holdings


ABN Domestic Television Corporation

Former network


Former owner

Extreme Television Holdings, LLC

Former parent

Xtreem Entertainment Group

Picture format

1080i HDTV
720p SDTV

ABN Maxx is a 24-hour network targeting the 18-37 year male demographic. As a fully-funded commercial-free male-oriented TV network, ABN Maxx is operated by American Broadcast Network as a part of the ABN Domestic Television Corporation . The company was launched after buying out the defunct cable network, XtreemTV upon heavy competiton from Ion and The NexGen Network (TNN). 

ABN Maxx Programming

ABN Maxx airs the following program during normal operating hours:

  • Wrecked
  • 18 Wheels of Steel: The Diaries of an American Trucker
  • Street Kings
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Extreme Bar 911
  • Livin' Country
  • On the Run
  • American Sportsman Diaries
  • Loose Cannons
  • Chop Shop Paradise
  • CSI: Liberty City
  • NCIS: Las Venturas
  • American Muscle: RAW (automotive TV magazine format)
  • Halo: Chronicles of John Sierra-117
  • Gridiron Chef Masters
  • The Gladiators
  • ABN Maxx specialty sporting programs:
    • Ultimate Tekken Championship
    • Global Wrestling Championships
    • Major League Robot Combat
    • Major League Slamball (MLSB)
    • Major League Gaming
    • Formula Drift USA (D-USA) (drift racing)
    • MotoX World Championship (motocross)
  • ABN Maxx specialty live shows:
    • RacerCon (motorsports convention)
    • Anime Revolution (Anime convention)
    • World Automobile Consortium
    • ABN Comedy Tour
    • Live music concerts each year
    • ABN Hot Summer Nights

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