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April 19, 1964


America's Sports Television Leader


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ABN Sports is a 24-hour American sports television network targeting the 18-39 year demographic. As a fully-funded commercial-free sports-oriented TV network, ABN Sports is operated by American Broadcast Network as a part of the ABN Domestic Television Corporation . The company launched in 1964 following the initial launch of ABN. 

Sporting events

These are the sporting events that air on ABN Sports

  • IMSA stock car racing
    • Delta Cup Series
    • Tecate Grand National Series
    • K & N Truck Series
  • Formula USA open-wheel racing
  • Major League Football
    • National Conference Division Series
    • American Conference Division Series
    • National Conference Championship Series
    • American Conference Championship Series
    • Eagle Bowl (MLF's version of the NFL's Super Bowl)
  • Major League Slamball
  • Intercontinental Basketball League
    • Diamond Cup Series
    • IBL World Finals
  • NCAA college level sports
    • NCAA conference championships
  • NAIA college level sports
  • ACA college level sports
    • ACA conference championships
    • College World Finals
  • American Baseball League
    • National Division Series Championship
    • American Division Series Championship
    • The Baseball World Finals (the ABL's version of MLB's World Series)
  • National Lacrosse League
  • Championship Soccer of North America (commonly referred as simply Championship Soccer or ChampSoccer)
  • Super G Skiing
  • 2016 Rio Summer Olympics
  • 2016 Special Olympics World Winter Games Austria


  • The Game is About to Begin (1964-1966)
  • The Greatest Sports Spectacles Are Here (1966-1973) (there were several variations of this slogan)
  • Get Ready! (1973-1978)
  • Watch the Greatest Sports Stories Unfold (1978-1985)
  • ABN Sports: If It's In the Game (1985-1993) (*not to be confused with the slogan used by EA Sports)
  • The Leader in Sports Television (1994-2007)
  • Any Game, Any Time, Anywhere, It's on ABN Sports (2008-2009)
  • ABN Sports: America's Sports Television Leader (2009-present)

50th Anniversary

ABN sports 50th anniversary

As part of ABN's 50th anniversary, ABN Sports icelebrated 50 years in the industry. ABN Sports reintroduced its 1964 design with the gray diamond and brown octagon cross design, likewise with ABN's blue octagon and red diamond cross design. It uses ABN's current block lettering and "Sports" cursive script. Like the ABN logo, it says above, "1964-2014: 50 Years of Excellence". The gray diamond with brown octagon cross design was the first logo used during its launch before the all brown diamond and oval cross. 

Launch of ABN Sports regional networks

 ABN Sports began launching regional networks in 1993 in conjunction with Pacific Sports Television Network (colloquially known as PACSports) to cover a wide range of demographics throughout the United States.

ABN Sports Networks/PACSports

Regional Sports Networks

Country United States



Los Angeles, California

New York City, New York

Launch Date January 1, 1993
Owner Champion Digital Broadcasting


Each regional network airs their own sports report in addition to carrying games that are in their respective region. They produce their own pregame and postgame production after eah game. And each schedule varies by region.



Region Served

Team Rights

ABN Sports Atlantic

New Hampshire


New York

New Jersey

Eastern Pennsylvania

Brooklyn Liberty (MLF)

Buffalo Mustangs (MLF)

Pittsburgh Boilermakers (MLF)

Philadelphia Bills (MLF)

New York Knights (ABL)

New York Pistons (ABL)

Pittsburgh Mariners (ABL)

Philadelphia Lancers (ABL)

New York Storm (IBL)

New Jersey Blazers (IBL)

Philadelphia Traders (IBL)

New Hampshire Blizzard (Slamball)

Manhattan (NY) Fliers (Slamball)

New Jersey Shockwave (Slamball)

New York Freeddom (Champ Soccer)

Pittsburgh Ironmaker FC (Champ Soccer)

New York United Lacrosse Club (NLL)

New Jersey Wake LC (NLL)

ACA Atlantic 12 Conference

ABN Sports Arizona

Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, 

Southern Nevada

Phoenix Huskies (MLF)

Arizona Mavericks (ABL)

Alberquerque Sun Rays (IBL)

Phoenix Kings (IBL)

Utah Speed (IBL)

Ogden Skyhawks (IBL)

Phoenix Firestorm (Slamball)

Las Vegas Strikers (Slamball)

FC Vegas (Champ Soccer)

Firebird FC Phoenix (Champ Soccer)

Real Bonneville FC (Champ Soccer)

Las Vegas Gambit LC (NLL)

Phoenix Heat LC (NLL)

Bonneville Lakers (NLL)

ACA Sun Valley Conference

ABN Sports Bay Area


Oakland Panthers (MLF)

San Francisco Raiders (MLF)

Santa Clara Giants (ABL)

Alameda Blackhawks (ABL)

Golden State Raptors (IBL)

San Bruno Hoyas (IBL)

Oakland Crash (Slamball)

FC Golden State Aeros (Champ Soccer)

San Mateo Skycats LC (NLL)

ACA Southwest Athletic Conference

PACSports Carolinas

North Carolina

South Carolina

Carolina Panthers (NFL)

Carolina Bayhawks (MLF)

Kannapolis A's (ABL)

Charlotte Royals (IBL)

Rumble FC Carolina (Champ Soccer)

Carolina Clippers (NLL)

ACA Atlantic 12 Conference

ABN Sports Gulf Coast


Southern Alabama

Southern Georgia

Miami Pellicans (MLF)

Tampa Bay Manta Rays (ABL)

Orlando Wizzards (IBL)

Daytona Beach Racers (Slamball)

Florida Rockets FC (Champ Soccer)

Huntsville (AL) Twisters (Champ Soccer)

Atlanta Skyhawks FC (Champ Soccer)

Orlando Sky FC (Champ Soccer)

Tampa Bay Leafs (NLL)

Birmingham Tide (NLL)

Atlanta Thrust (NLL)

ACA Gulf 10 Conference

ABN Sports Midwest


Southern Illinois

Southern Indiana

Eastern Nebraska

Eastern Kansas

Western Kentucky

Northern Arkansas

St. Louis Fox Hounds (MLF)

Kansas City Ptarmigans (MLF)

Chicago Yellowjackets (MLF)

Topeka Chiefs (ABL)

Chicago Bluejays (ABL)

Indiana Racers (IBL)

Chicago Lynx (IBL)

Chicago Wind (Slamball)

Indianapolis Speed (Slamball)

Turbo FC Chicago (Champ Soccer)

Real Indy FC (Champ Soccer)

Chaos FC Kansas City (Champ Soccer)

Louisville Hawks (NLL)

Freeze LC Chicago (NLL)

Pacers LC Indiana (NLL)

ACA Midwest Championship Conference

ACA Southern Athletic Championship Conference

ABN Sports North




North Dakota

South Dakota

Minneapolis Vikings (MLF)

Green Bay Astros (MLF)

Minnesota Stars (ABL)

Madison Packers (ABL)

Minnesota Thrust (Slamball)

Green Bay Wildedragons (Slamball)

Sturgis Wild (Slamball)

Minnesota Comets (Champ Soccer)

St. Cloud Timberwolves (NLL)

ACA Midwest Championship Conference

ACA Big 8 Conference

NCAA Big Sky Conference

ABN Sports Rocky Mountain





Denver Mountaineers (MLF)

Casper Hornets (ABL)

Denver Marauders (ABL)

Denver Padres (IBL)

Colorado Springs Coyotes (IBL)

Missoula Phoenix (Slamball)

Denver Steel (Slamball)

Town Pump FC Montana (Champ Soccer)

Denver Centennial FC (Champ Soccer)

Montana Mountain Lions (NLL)

Pocatello (ID) Boilers (NLL)

ACA Continental Championship Division

NCAA Big Sky Conference

NCAA Mountain West

PACSports Northwest



Seattle Thunderhawks (MLF)

Portland Timberwolves (MLF)

Seattle Midshipmen (ABL)

Seattle Sonics (IBL)

Portland Wildcats (IBL)

Seattle Thunder (Slamball)

Portland Heat (Slamball)

Xbox FC Seattle (Champ Soccer)

Portland Cascade (Champ Soccer)

Real Seattle LC (NLL)

Portland Red Sox (NLL)

ACA Pacific Championship Division

ACA Mountain West Championship Division


NCAA Big Sky Conference

ABN Sports Ohio Valley


Eastern Indiana


Northwestern Pennsylvania

Southwestern New York

Cleveland Grizzlies (MLF)

Columbus Minutemen (MLF)

Louisville Crimson Tide (MLF)

Cleveland Greens (ABL)

Cincinnati Terriers (ABL)

Cleveland Scouts (IBL)

Cincinnati Lions (IBL)

Erie Lakers (IBL)

Toledo Storm (Slamball)

Columbus Jackets (Champ Soccer)

Cleveland Kings (NLL)

ACA Ohio Valley Division

ABN Sports Tennessee Valley Tennessee





Memphis Blues (MLF)

Nashville Senators (MLF)

Knoxville Ironmakers (MLF)

Atlanta Bulldogs (MLF)

New Orleans Jets (MLF)

Atlanta Indians (ABL)

Memphis Aviators (IBL)

Nashville Thunder (IBL)

Atlanta Metros (IBL)

New Orleans Tigerhawks (IBL)

ACA Tennessee Valley Championship Division

PACSports Los Angeles California Los Angeles Chargers (MLF)

Compton (LA) White Sox (ABL)

Los Angeles Nationals (ABL)

Los Angeles Eagles (IBL)

Anaheim (LA) Clippers (IBL)

Cypress (LA) Warriors (IBL)

Los Angeles Quake (Slamball)

ACA Pacific Championship Division

PACSports Southwest Oklahoma


Oklahoma City Broncos (MLF)

Houston Oilers (MLF)

San Antonio Stars (MLF)

Dallas Mercury (MLF)

Dallas Rangers (ABL)

Houston Javelin (ABL)

Dallas Red Raiders (IBL)

Houston Thunderbirds (IBL)

Galveston Buccaneers (IBL)

Tulsa Spirit (Slamball)

Dallas Hombres (Slamball)

ACA Southwestern Athletic Championship Division (SACD)

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