ABN Women
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Television network subchannel


United States


April 14, 2011


The Best in Women's Television


Sabana American Broadcast Holdings


ABN Domestic Television Corporation

Former network


Former owner


Former parent


Picture format

1080i HDTV
720p SDTV

ABN Women is a 24-hour network targeting the 18-37 year female demographic. Since 2013, the demographic has expanded to 18-55. As a fully-funded commercial-free female-oriented TV network, ABN Women is operated by American Broadcast Network as a part of the ABN Domestic Television Corporation . The network was launched following the official ABN Telemundial merger.

Programming on ABN Women

  • The Vicky Valgas Show (Talk show format)
  • Honeymooners 
  • Christiana (loosely based on IMSA Delta Cup race car driver Christiana Gonzales as "Christiana Ramirez")
  • Lighthouse Hall (A Grand Ole Oprey type of musical)
  • Applegate Mansion (A loose ploy on ABC's Desperate Houswives)
  • Soldier's Pride
  • Selena: Rising Superstar
  • Showgirls
  • 11 newer ABN Women programs added since 2012-13
  • Upcoming ABN Women programming
    • Rights of Autumn
    • Rosa: The Diary of Rosa Parks (based on the true story of Rosa Parks during the Civil Rights era)
    • Valentine Girls
    • Mustang Drive
    • 6 Japanese Anime specials
      • Sailor Moon Revolution: The Great Sailor Wars Part 1
      • Sailor Moon Revolution: The Great Sailor Wars Part 2
      • Christiana: The Movie
      • Killswitch
      • Code Blue
      • CLAMP

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