KMYY-TV is a MyTV O&O (Owned and operated) affiliate serving Los Angeles and it's surrounding areas. Broadcasting on channel 36, KMYY-TV is owned by Adelphia Communications, and operated by Clear Channel Communications. Since Adelphia owns a share in MyTV, KMYY is run as an O&O affiliate of the company.

Programing Schedule








7 AM

MyTV News American Morning MyTV Fun Machine Captain Kangaroo

7:30 AM

8 AM

Bozo's Circus

8:30 AM

9 AM

News 36 Live @ 9 Religious Programming

9:30 AM

10 AM

People are Talking

10:30 AM

11 AM

The Better Sex

11:30 AM

Super Password

12 PM

News 36 Midday

12:30 PM

1 PM

All My Children The Wild West Session (A) Paramount's "Man of Your Dreams" Collection (A)

1:30 PM

One Life to Live

2 PM


2:30 PM


3 PM

Home and Away The Wild West Session (B) Paramount's "Man of Your Dreams" Collection (B)

3:30 PM


4 PM

Match Game

4:30 PM

Hollywood Squares

5 PM

News 36 Live @ 5 WCW Saturday Night The Whole 19 Yards

5:30 PM

6 PM

News 36 @ 6

6:30 PM

MyTV News Tonight

7 PM

News 36 @ 7 MyTV Programming

7:30 PM

The Gong Show The $1.98 Beauty Show

8 PM

MyTV Programming

8:30 PM

9 PM

9:30 PM

10 PM

News 36 @ 10

10:30 PM

11 PM

Anger Management Party Over Here The Republic of Doyle

11:30 PM

Anger Management Mr. Show

12 AM

South Park Tosh.O Haven

12:30 AM

South Park Tosh.O

1 AM

Futurama Tosh.O Leverage

1:30 AM

Futurama Tosh.O

2 AM

Paid Programming

2:30 AM

3 AM

3:30 AM

4 AM

A.M. Weather Paid Programming A.M. Weather

4:30 AM

5 AM

News 36 Daybreak News 36 Daybreak

5:30 AM

6 AM

News 36 Daybreak Weekend

6:30 AM


KMYY Station ID

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