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  • Greeting, Andy39! I am a big TV nerd – particularly when it comes to minutiae like call signs, production companies, and logos – so when I saw your page in a random search of the web, I was delighted. But I have some questions that weren’t clear from your wiki’s introductory page, and I’m hoping you or one of the other admins can clarify.

    Q1. What is the “mission”, as it were, for FTVS? Is the whole idea to have fun geeking out on TV logos, concepts, etc., or is there a more serious form of “play” going on – sharpening one’s wiki editing skills, gearing up for a real TV network, encouraging radio & TV majors in college, etc.?

    Q2. Is there any special procedure to creating a new page? I see there’s an “Add Page” button available but do the admins say anything goes with the retroactive ability to delete anything out of bounds?

    Q3. When you say “fictional” TV stations, do you mean “real” fictional – that is, as featured in, perhaps TV shows or movies? For example, CBS-TV’s sitcom “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” was centered around the fictitious WJM-TV/12 in Minneapolis, MN. And Norman Lear’s 1970’s sitcom “Fernwood 2 Night” which was a spoof of late-night talk shows was set at WZAZ-TV/6 in Fernwood, OH. Is part of the idea of FTVS to create pages for fictitional stations like WJM or WZAZ? Or can we go even further and create our own?

    If you can answer these questions I’ll be delighted to make contributions, as I am also a contributor, from time to time, on Wikipedia (yes, the big one, the granddaddy of them all). I am also a huge fan of corporate identity and logos, and know quite a bit about TV even though I’ve never worked in the field.

    Thanks for creating this wiki!

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