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MyTV Sports Network is a U.S.-based global cable and satellite sports television channel owned by MyTV, LLC, a joint partnership between Disney/ABC (majority owners of ESPN; 50%) and Adelphia Communications (50%).

MyTV Sports Network broadcasts primarily from their studios in New York, NY, but they also have separate studios in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami.

Since Disney/ABC owns MyTV Sports Network and a majority stake in ESPN, MyTV Sports Network and the ESPN networks are considered sister networks. Following the mass layoffs from ESPN, the majority of those laid off began to work for MyTV Sports Network.


In addition to carrying their own programming, MyTV Sports Network has broadcasting rights (via ESPN) to the NBA Development (now Gatorade) League, Division FCS College Football, College Basketball, the international Hockey League, and the Eastern League of Double A Baseball.

List of MyTV Sports Network personalities

  • Jay Crawford: Host of American Morning Sports
  • Jaymee Sire: Co-Host of American Morning Sports
  • Darren M. Haynes: Anchor of MyTV Sports Tonight and The Final Score
  • Michelle Bonner: Co-Anchor of MyTV Sports Tonight and The Final Score
  • Jade McCarthy: Host of Totally Football Daily and Totally Football Weekly.
  • Trent Dilfer: NFL Analyst
  • Ray Lewis: NFL Analyst
  • Keyshawn Johnson: NFL Analyst
  • Lou Holtz: College Football Analyst
  • Craig James: College Football Analyst
  • Mark Gottfried: College Basketball Analyst
  • Bob Knight: College Basketball
  • Glenn Healy: IHL Analyst
  • Randy Gregg: IHL Analyst
  • Jim Van Horne: Host of IHL 2Night (during the IHL season)
  • Sara Walsh: Host of The MLB Report (during the MLB season) and The NFL Report (during the NFL season); also host of The Fantasy Show

Programming Schedule

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
5 AM MyTV Sports AM
5:30 AM
6 AM
6:30 AM
7 AM American Morning Sports American Morning Sports Weekend
7:30 AM
8 AM
8:30 AM
9 AM College Football on MyTV Sports Pregame Totally Football Weekly
9:30 AM
10 AM The Ian O'Conner Show The NFL Report
10:30 AM
11 AM The Fantasy Show
11:30 AM
12 PM Robin Lundberg Various Programming
12:30 PM
1 PM
1:30 PM
2 PM
2:30 PM
3 PM Totally Football Daily
3:30 PM The NFL Report
4 PM The Right Time with Bomani Jones
4:30 PM
5 PM
5:30 PM
6 PM Various Programming MyTV Sports Tonight
6:30 PM
7 PM MyTV Sports Tonight IHL Sunday Night Hockey
7:30 PM
8 PM Various Programming IHL Tuesday Night Hockey The NBA G-League on MyTV Sports Network Various Programming IHL Friday Night Hockey Various Programming
8:30 PM
9 PM
9:30 PM
10 PM IHL 2Night
10:30 PM IHL 2Night
11 PM The Final Score
11:30 PM
12 AM Various Programming The Final Score
12:30 AM
1 AM Various Programming
1:30 AM
2 AM The Final Score (Encore)
2:30 AM
3 AM
3:30 AM
4 AM First And Last The Sporting Life First and Last
4:30 AM


Market Station Channel Owner
Phoenix, AZ KOOL 39.5 Adelphia Communications
Sacramento, CA KADV 58.5 Adelphia Communications
Wichita Falls, TX KACD 45.4 Alltel Communications
Abilene, TX KACU 68.2 Alltel Communications
Liberty City, Liberty WMYL 23.2 Sinclair Broadcast Group

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