RKO Kids
RKO Kids


Cable Television Network


United States




Simply Good for Kids.


New York City, NY


RKO Holdings


RKO Television Group

Launch date

June 1, 1979

Picture format

720p (HDTV)
480i (4:3 SDTV)

Callsign meaning

Radio-Keith-Orphueum Kids

RKO Kids is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the RKO Television Group division of RKO Holdings. Aimed mainly at pre-teens and teenagers 9–14 years of age and its preschooler-targeted shows aimed at children 2–6, its programming consists of original first-run television series, theatrically-released and original made-for-cable movies and select other third-party programming. The channel's programs were originally marketed towards families, and then to younger children by the late 1990s, although its viewing audience has diversified since the mid-2000s to include older teenagers and adults.

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