Current SABH logo since 2011


Seattle, WA
Charlotte, NC




Entertaining America and Beyond

Owner(s) of

ABN Domestic Television Corporation
Sabana American Interactivity Group/ABN Digital Entertainment

First air date

July 2, 1948 (UBC)
March 4, 1964 (ABN)
January 30, 1981 (TRC)
April 13, 2000 (T5) Since merged with ABN Digital Entertainment
May 8, 2005 (Alpine) Bankrupt in June 2012, bought by ABN Digital Entertainment in August 2012

Former owner

Champion Television Group
President: Lee Winston

Former parent

Champion Television Network

Executive owners

Richard Z. Sabana
Taylor G. Winston


$135 million per year

Hanson viewership ratings
(per 1-25+ million viewers)

ABN: 8.6
TRC: 8.1
UBC: 8.7

For Sabana American Broadcast Holdings predecessor: see Champion Television Group

For Sabana American Broadcast Holdings successor: see Champion Digital Broadcasting

Sabana American Broadcast Holdings (most commonly known as SABH) became the successor to Champion Television Group in 1985. It was previously known as Sabana-Winston Television Distribution in 1964 until it was rebranded in 1985. During the SABH era, the ABN Domestic Television Corporation was formed.

With the rebrand, SABH is now an extension of Champion Digital Broadcasting retaining a majority of television station contracts until the year 2021 when SABH will officially be folded into CDB.

Formation of ABN Digital Entertainment


Official logo used since 2007.

ABN Digital Entertainment is a newer business venture run by Thomas A. Sabana and Maron B. Winston. It is owned by Sabana American Interactivity Group (SAIG) and is the largest multimedia company in the Pacific Northwest. But unlike ABN, ABN Digital Entertainment does not bear the "American Broadcast Network" name. SABH and ABN Domestic Television Corporation have exclusive licensing agreements with SAIG and ABN Digital Entertainment co-producing soap operas, game shows, and syndicated programming for ABN Maxx, UBC, ABN Sports and others. SAIG and ADE separately produces films for ABN Home Entertainment and has license agreements with other major video game production studios working for various video game entertainment companies. The company has acquired, bought, or merged several other companies into this one entire conglomerate which includes T5 Media Group, Maxxis Media Group and Alpine Entertainment Group.

Formation of Sabana Global Broadcast Services (SGBS)

Sabana Global Broadcast Services (SGBS) is global television distributor formed in 1979 by Timothy H. Sabana with the emphasis to expand the coverage into overseas markets. It serves as the overseas arm of SABH and the ABN Domestic Television Corporation with several services working in conjuction with SGBS providing network programming in different languages. 

Formation of Champion Radio Network

Formed during the Champion Television Group era, the Champion Radio Network was co-founded by the Winston and Sabana Broadcasting Corporation (WSBC) in New York, Charlotte, Los Angeles and Seattle in 1939. Champion Radio Network continues in its existance as a High Definition radio network with over 2,500 CRN radio affilliates in service across the country. After Champion Television Group was reformed as Sabana American Broadcast Holdings, Champion Radio Network was placed under the helm of Bernard Winston-Gomer and Tom Sabana. Bernard Winston-Gomer retired in 1994 while Tom Sabana moved to a newer role as Network Executive of the ABN Animation Network's predecessor, Toonopolis. James Williamson and Billy Sabana II are now at the helm of CRN.

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