This article is not to be confused with the real Seven Network in Australia.  The Seven Network is a major television network in Australia that is available on multiple cable systems and satellite systems in Canada, the United States, the UK, Jamaica, and New Zealand. The Australian side of the network is currently owned by Seven West Media Limited, while the American side of the network is owned by Adelphia Communications Corporation, a partnership between Island Television, Oakhurst Broadcasting, and Higgins Broadcasting.


Australian roots

The Seven Network began as a group of independent stations in Sydney; Melbourne; Brisbane, Queensland; Adelaide, South Australia; and Perth, Western Australia. HSV-7 Melbourne, licensed to The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd (owners of two local papers at the time, The Herald and The Sun), was the first station in the country to use the VHF7 frequency. It launched on 4 November 1956, soon joined on 2 December by ATN-7 in Sydney, owned by Fairfax subsidiary Amalgamated Television Services. Since 2007, the Seven Network has been the highest rated television network in Australia, ahead of the Nine Network, Network Ten,ABC and SBS. In 2011 the Seven Network won all 40 out of 40 weeks of the ratings season for total viewers. Seven is the first to do this since the introduction of the OZtam ratings system in 2001. As of 2014, it is the second largest network in the country in terms of population reach.

American Expansion

Following the Nine Network's expansion to the United States, the Seven Network decided to follow suit. Seven Network decided to reach out to see who would be willing to lend a helping hand. Going on at the same time, after Lady Luck purchasing a share of UPN and Capital Cities purchasing a share of The WB, Island Television, Oakhurst Broadcasting, and Higgins Broadcasting looked into possibly purchasing a share of a network. Island Television, Oakhurst Broadcasting, and Higgins Broadcasting decided to pitch in and form a new company between the three. On Jan. 5, 2014, the new company became Adelphia Communications Corporation (not to be confused with the defunct cable provider of the same name). Adelphia agreed to run the American version of the Seven Network. And on Oct. 3, 2014, Seven Network started broadcasting in America on stations owned by Island Television, Oakhurst Broadcasting, and Higgins Broadcasting on their subchannels. In some markets, The Seven Network is available as a stand-alone affiliate.

Programming Schedule

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
6 AM Sunrise Saturday Disney Doc McStuffins
6:30 AM Miles From Tomorrowland
7 AM Weekend Sunrise
7:30 AM
8 AM
8:30 AM
9 AM The Morning Show
9:30 AM
10 AM The Morning Show: Weekend
10:30 AM
11 AM
11:30 AM Seven Morning News
12 PM Seven Afternoon Movie Seven Sport Programming I Dream of Jeannie
12:30 PM Bewitched
1 PM Seven Afternoon Movie
1:30 PM
2 PM The Daily Edition Seven Afternoon Movie
2:30 PM
3 PM The Chase World's Strictest Parents
3:30 PM
4 PM Seven News @ 4 Nabbed Border Patrol
4:30 PM The Long Weekender
5 PM The Chase Australia Seven News
5:30 PM Border Security - Australia's Front Line Sydney Weekender
6 PM Seven News
6:30 PM
7 PM Better Homes & Gardens Summer Mighty Cruise Ships Better Homes and Gardens Summer Seven Network Saturday Night Movie Sunday Night
7:30 PM Billy Connolly's

Route 66

Aussie Barbecue Heroes Pie in the Sky
8 PM Air Rescue The Force - Behind the Line
8:30 PM Bargain Hunt Kitchen Nightmares The Inspector Lynley Mysteries Judge John Deed Seven Network Friday Night Movie Escape to the Country
9 PM
9:30 PM Dealers Put Your Money Where

Your Mouth Is

What Really Happens in Thailand Seven Network Saturday Night Movie Escape to the Continent
10 PM
10:30 PM Downton Abbey Agent Anna Billy Connolly's Route 66 Citizen Khan Seven Network Friday Night Movie
11 PM Australia's Best Houses
11:30 PM Downton Abbey Bargain Hunt Bush Pilots
12 AM Bargain Hunt
12:30 AM Betrayal The Mole Escape to the Country Bargain Hunt
1 AM Mr Selfridge
1:30 AM Harry's Practice Harry's Practice
2 AM Home Shopping
2:30 AM
3 AM
3:30 AM
4 AM Tiger! Tiger!

A Korean Odyssey

Siberia to the Silk Road I Shouldn't Be Alive Images of Italy The Saint in New York It is Written Escape to the Country
4:30 AM Nick Knowles' Original Features
5 AM Sunrise Extra Sunrise Extra
5:30 AM Seven Early News


Call Sign Channel/DT City State Affiliation
CRMWP-TV 42.2 Pearl City Seminole MyNetworkTV
KADV 58.2 Sacramento CA MyNetworkTV
KAIC 3.3 Albuquerque NM NBC
KAQY 11.2 Monroe/El Dorado LA/AR ABC
KAWA 4.2 Dallas/Fort Worth TX Independent
KAZO 2.2 Kansas City MO/KS FOX
KETN 21.2 Hot Springs AR MyNetworkTV
KHLV 25.2 Hill Valley CA ABC
KHPT 28.2 Houston TC Independent
KINY 10.2 Sitka AK ABC
KOIA 22.2 Ottuma/Kirksville IA/MO FOX
KOIL 24.2 Omaha NE ABC
KONA 25.2 Honolulu HI FOX
KKCP 12.2 San Angelo TX NBC
KKYY 3.2 Sioux City IA CBS
KLKT 10.2 Wichita KS NBC
KMGM-TV 25.2 Benton AR ABC
KMMF 8.2 Missoula MT ABC
KOMS 13.3 Shreveport LA CBS
KOOL-TV 11.3 Phoenix AZ Independent
KPTE 23.2 Portland OR UPN
KRWI 15.2 Beaumont TX CBS
KSEA 67.5 Seattle WA UPN
KSNAT 19.2 San Antonio TX The WB
KSTL 33.2 St. Louis MO The CW
KTMY 29.2 Tulsa OK MyNetworkTV
KTSE 38.2 Bakersfield CA The CW
KVBK 13.2 Mankato MN ABC
KVSS 3.2 Topeka KS CBS
KYLD 12.2 Oakland/San Francisco/San Jose CA The CW
WABA 68.2 Atlantic City NJ ABC
WACC 12.2 Gainesville FL CBS
WACW 20.2 Atlanta GA The CW
WAWA 44.2 Milwaukee WI MyNetworkTV
WBID 3.2 Jacksonville FL FOX
WBTL 3.2 Dublin OH NBC
WCAJ 11.2 Birmingham AL MyNetworkTV
WCHE 3.2 Charlotte NC ABC
WCUS 45.2 Buffalo NY MyNetworkTV
WCWP 53.2 Philadelphia PA The CW
WEJT 3.2 Essex Junction VT CBS
WELV 12.3 Anderson/Pineville MO NBC
WFFN 39.3 Tampa FL FOX
WFHE 45.2 Salt Lake City UT The CW
WGSF 24.2 Columbus OH ABC
WGLV 15.2 Trenton NJ NBC
WHUN 13.2 Huntsville AL CBS
WILI 7.3 Dixieville FL ABC
WIWH 18.2 Mexico Beach FL Independent
WIXO 11.2 Peoria IL FOX
WJKA 6.2 Wilmington NC FOX
WKAG 24.2 Tupelo MS ABC
WKCI 13.2 Hartford CT CBS
WKDM 5.2 Laurel/Hattiesburg MS NBC
WKJG 33.2 Fort Wayne IN NBC
WKLO 21.2 Louisville KY ABC
WKSK 5.3 Greenbow AL NBC
WLLP 3.2 Jackson TN NBC
WLXX 24.2 Lexington KY ABC
WMMQ 2.2 Lansing MI CBS
WMSJ 12.2 Nashville TN The CW
WMVJ 24.2 Miami FL Independent
WNEG 32.2 Greenville/Spartanburg/Asheville SC/NC CBS
WNET 25.2 Boston MA NBC
WNYM 25.2 New York NY Independent
WOSH-TV 14.2 Green Bay WI NBC
WOSV 28.2 Cincinnati OH MyNetworkTV
WPCN 28.2 Detroit MI MyNetworkTV
WPEF 40.2 Perry FL CBS
WPGR 11.2 Pittsburgh PA Independent
WQNO 50.2 New Orleans LA The CW
WQUS 3.2 Flint MI CBS
WSAJ 13.2 Youngstown OH CBS
WSJS 12.2 Greensboro NC NBC
WTLB 61.2 Toledo OH UPN
WUBF 46.2 Valdosta GA The CW
WWLM 15.2 Memphis TN The CW
WWMA 17.2 Grand Rapids MI FOX
WWOF 35.2 Tallahassee FL FOX
WXEL 6.2 Cleveland OH The CW
WXZQ 21.2 Washington DC MyNetworkTV
WYOO 3.2 St. Paul MN Independent

If you wish to be an affiliate of Seven Network America, feel free to do so and add your station to the table. Please remember that the table is in Alphabetical order.