TNT Classics is a network that broadcast shows dropped by TNT. Its sister network is the The WB Classics. It is owned by Turner Broadcasting System and Time Warner. It launched in 2014. Like it's sister network The WB Classics, it's main competitors are Antenna TV and This TV.

Programming Schedule

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
7 AM The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Flintstones
7:30 AM The Bob Newhart Show
8 AM All in the Family Scooby-Doo
8:30 AM The Jeffersons
9 AM Maude Dexter's Laboratory
9:30 AM Good Times
10 AM The Cosby Show The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest
10:30 AM Family Ties
11 AM Cheers The Rudy and Gogo World Famous Cartoon Show
11:30 AM Night Court
12 PM Roseanne The Pink Panther Show
12:30 PM Home Improvement
1 PM Ellen The Muppet Show
1:30 PM Who's The Boss?
2 PM Growing Pains The A-Team
2:30 PM Murphy Brown
3 PM Seinfeld Knight Rider
3:30 PM Friends
4 PM The Golden Girls Airwolf
4:30 PM Empty Nest
5 PM Mama's Family Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
5:30 PM It's a Living
6 PM Murder, She Wrote Smallville
6:30 PM
7 PM Magnum, P.I. The West Wing
7:30 PM
8 PM WCW Monday Nitro Franklin & Bash Saving Grace Wanted Southland Babylon 5 Falling Skies
8:30 PM
9 PM Perception Memphis Beat The New Adventures of Robin Hood Witchblade Legends King & Maxwell
9:30 PM
10 PM Men of A Certain Age Leverage L.A. Heat Agent X Bull Saved Mob City
10:30 PM
11 PM Monday Mornings HawthoRNe Dark Blue Transporter: The Series Heartland Trust Me Crusade
11:30 PM
12 AM L.A. Law Boston Legal L.A. Law
12:30 AM
1 AM ER Alias ER
1:30 AM
2 AM CSI: Miami MonsterVision CSI: Miami
2:30 AM
3 AM NYPD Blue NYPD Blue
3:30 AM
4 AM MacGyver MacGyver
4:30 AM
5 AM SeaQuest DSV SeaQuest DSV
5:30 AM
6 AM Lost Lost
6:30 AM


CallSign Channel/DT City State Affiliation
KCEM 23.2 Chandler AZ The CW
KDCL-TV 57.2 Denver CO TNT
KFEF 36.2 Eloy AZ TNT
KILI 7.2 Topeka KS TNT
KJLR 33.2 Royal AR NBC
KJTT 45.2 Junction TX TNT
KPPU 33.2 Little Rock AR TNT
KQNR-TV 54.2 Marfa TX TNT
KREU 57.2 Searcy AR TNT
KTFW 21.2 Fort Worth/Dallas TX TNT
KTNX 22.2 Houston TX TNT
KTSO 25.2 Sioux City IA TNT
KTSR 12.2 Tulsa OK TNT
KTZS 50.2 Flagstaff AZ TNT
KUAL 58.2 Albuquerque NM TNT
KVWA 62.2 Amarillo TX TNT
KXPH 58.2 Phoenix AZ TNT
WCGE 48.2 Miami/Fort Lauderdale FL TNT
WCQU 25.2 Chicago IL TNT
WFGM 14.3 Burlington/Plattsburgh VT/NY WBTV
WNLND 6.2 Detroit MI New Line Network
WNLNY 60.2 New York NY New Line Network
WQBR 33.2 Boston MA TNT
WQTW 41.2 Nashville TN TNT
WTMI 38.2 Madison WI TNT
WTSC 2.2 Charleston SC TNT
WWOM 26.2 New Orleans LA ABC
WYEQ 11.2 Gainesville FL TNT

If you wish to be an affiliate of TNT Classics, feel free to do so and add your station to the table. Please remember that the table is in Alphabetical order.

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