TNT News


Commercial Television Network and News Divison of The National Television


United States


February 14th, 2017


Join the World in progress. (primary)
The National Television's 24-hour news channel (secondary)


New York City, NY





Launch date

March 1st, 2017

Picture format

720p (HDTV)
480i (4:3 SDTV)

Callsign meaning



TNT News is an 24-Hour News channel owned by WTNYCorporation. It started broadcasting on March 1st 2017 as Worldnet. Originally the channel broadcasted International newscasts from major international TV stations, reduced to 30-60 minutes. By June 4th 2017, the channel began focusing on Rolling news and current affairs programming. Now it broadcasts 24 hours a day live programming from New York, Washington and Los Angeles studios. The channel features a 2-band on-screen ticker, with S&P 500 stocks on the upper band and news headlines as well as sports scores and weather forecasts on the lower band.

On June 12th 2017, the channel was renamed to TNT News and introduced new programming

Current programming

  • The Breakfast Briefing (Daily 6-7am ET)
  • First Look Americas (Daily 7-9am ET)
  • America's Business First (Weekdays 9-10am ET; business news)
  • Sunday Politics with Libby Ship (sundays 9am-10am ET; weekly political talk show simulcasted with The National Television)
  • News NOW (Weekdays 10am-12pm ET, 1:30pm-4pm ET, 5pm-6:30pm ET, Saturdays 9am-5pm; 6pm-6:30pm ET, Sundays 10am-5pm; 6pm-6:30pm ET; rolling news)
  • Agenda (Weekdays 12pm-1pm ET)
  • The Lunchtime NEWS (Weekdays 1pm-1:30pm ET)
  • America's Business Final (Weekdays 4pm-5pm ET; business news)
  • 9th Floor (Saturdays 5pm-6pm ET)
  • Behind the Facts (Sundays 5pm-6pm ET)
  • Sportsday (Daily 7:30pm ET; sports news)
  • TEN: The Evening News (Daily 6:30pm ET; Simulcast from The National Television)
  • News NOW Prime (Daily 7pm-7:30pm, Weekends 9pm-10:00pm ET)
  • The World Tonight: EARLY EDITION (Daily 8pm ET; News)
  • 24 Minutes (Weekdays 8:30pm ET; nightly interview with newsmaker)
  • The Firth Factor (Saturdays 8:30pm ET)
  • Spotlight (Sundays 8:30pm ET; roundtable discussion show)
  • Political Link (Weekdays 9pm-10pm ET; political talk show)
  • The World Tonight (Daily 10pm-10:45pm ET; channel's flagship show)
  • Sportsday (Daily 10:45pm-11pm ET; Nightly sports highlights show)
  • Late Edition (Daily 11pm ET-1am ET; News)
  • Overnight Edition (Daily 1am ET-5am ET; rolling news)

TNT News presenters

  • Nathan Thompson - Weekdays; TEN: The Evening News
  • Frazer Dimbleby - Saturdays; TEN: The Evening News
  • Christopher Stewart - Sundays; TEN: The Evening News
  • Clive Brown - Weekdays; The World Tonight, News NOW Prime, Late Edition
  • Reeta Burak - Weekends; The World Tonight, News NOW Prime, Late Edition
  • Martine Chakrabarti
  • Chris Young
  • Bob Ley
  • Katie Jones
  • Karyn Matthews
  • Rebecca McVeigh
  • Duncan Grey
  • Lucy Wilcox
  • Tim Vaughan
  • Samantha Hatton
  • David Embley
  • Mike Eades
  • Adrian Richardson
  • Roger Damon
  • Shelagh McGovern
  • Tony Foster
  • Peter Barnett
  • Rob Campbell
  • Kathryn Allen
  • Jonathan Ramsay - Sundays; Behind The News
  • Mike Simpson - Weekdays; 24 Hours
  • Christian Scofield - Weekdays; Political Link


(Also shared with NOW)

  • Ed King
  • Sally Curry
  • Mickey Coburn
  • Aaron Farrington
  • Paul Horne
  • Declan Brown
  • Mitch Robertson
  • Gina Fritz
  • Ben Price
  • Zoe Coldman
  • Nancy Beckford


(Also shared with NOW

  • Olly Perry
  • Lisa Bonnett
  • Russell Bushell
  • Sally Legard
  • Jonathan Hughes
  • James Greenwood
  • Andrew Chalmers
  • Tulsen Wyeth
  • Katherine Nugent
  • Sandy Richards
  • Carolyn Earhardt

News Staff

  • News Director: Paul Mansbridge
  • Editor at Large: Nathan Thompson
  • Political Editor: Libby Ship
  • Business Editor: Lauren Raid
  • Science Correspondent: Paul Mudd
  • Culture and Entertainment Editor: Ryan Partridge
  • World Editor: Mike Simpson
  • Chief International Correspondent: Nathan Bryer
  • Senior Correspondent: Jonathan Ramsay
  • Senior Political Correspondent: Frazer Dimbleby
  • Political Correspondent: Mark Hossain
  • Political Correspondent: Bethany Rogers
  • Political Correspondent: Randy Newman
  • Political Correspondent: Lewis Matthews
  • National Correspondent: Jim Thompson
  • New York Correspondent: Vladimir Alexrod
  • New York Correspondent: Nathale Pelley
  • New York Correspondent: Nina Wagner
  • New York Correspondent: Mary Red
  • New York Correspondent: Tim Blackman
  • New York Correspondent: Phil Austin
  • New York Correspondent: Terry Stahl
  • New York Correspondent: Tom Beer
  • New York Correspondent: Roger Rhule
  • New York Correspondent: Victor Stants
  • New York Correspondent: Anna Wegner
  • New York Correspondent: Troy Nihan
  • Chief Washington Correspondent: Errol Brennman
  • Washington Correspondent: Chip Martyn
  • Washington Correspondent: Martin Logan
  • Washington Correspondent: Jan Carlyn
  • Washington Correspondent: Jeff Dickerson
  • Washington Correspondent: Julian King
  • Washington Correspondent: Juanita Byrnes
  • Congressional Correspondent: Carly Morrow
  • Legal and Justice Correspondent: Dmitry Goralsky
  • Transport Correspondent: Don Mother
  • State Department Correspondent: Morgan Lee
  • Los Angeles Correspondent: Wayne Carr
  • Los Angeles Correspondent: Dan Waterfield
  • Los Angeles Correspondent: Matt Vascons
  • Chicago Correspondent: Wayne Carr
  • Chicago Correspondent: Ameera White
  • Denver Correspondent: Barry White
  • Dallas Correspondent: Nathan Terebko
  • Dallas Correspondent: Sandra Cruz
  • Miami Correspondent: Elaine Dark
  • Boston Correspondent: Kerry Thomas
  • Helena Correspondent: David Strassmann
  • Atlanta Correspondent: Will Diaz
  • Detroit Correspondent: Brooke Owen
  • Cleveland Correspondent: Greg Maldon
  • Richmond Correspondent: David Junk
  • Little Rock Correspondent: Rick Meade
  • Mexico City Correspondent: Wyre DeMateo
  • Sao Paulo Correspodent: Alan Rogerson
  • Buenos Aires Correspondent: Ryan Wedges
  • London Chief Correspondent: Andrew Wire
  • London Correspondent: Pauline Adler
  • London Correspondent: Garry Walsh
  • London Correspondent: Fred Tiger
  • London Correspondent: Nancy Boiko
  • London Correspondent: Christopher Sisters
  • Brussels Correspondent: Eugene Morris
  • Brussels Correspondent: Andy Paxton
  • Brussels Correspondent: Greg O'Bethel
  • Berlin Correspondent: Derek Samon
  • Warsaw Correspondent: Alex Garris
  • Paris Correspondent: Tom Williams
  • Geneva Correspondent: Jim Thorpe
  • The Hague Correspondent: Steve Hundershire
  • Moscow Correspondent: Sarah Rosenberg
  • Moscow Correspondent: Terry Higher
  • Athens Correspondent: Hugh Esler
  • Beirut Correspondent: Quentin Quartermaine
  • Beirut Correspondent: Mark Sinjab
  • Cairo Correspondent: Tim Rogers
  • Johannesburg Correspondent: Stephen Harding
  • Nairobi Correspondent: Rana Moodi
  • Abuja Correspondent: Ed Loyne
  • Tunis Correspondent: Thom Dartsman
  • Singapore Chief Correspondent: Richard Hellton
  • Singapore Correspondent: Ally Hizon
  • Singapore Correspondent: Karyn Leyla
  • Singapore Correspondent: Andrew Hawkins
  • Singapore Correspondent: Kathrin Willams
  • Hong Kong Correspondent: Doug Perry
  • Bangkok Correspondent: Abbey Gibbson
  • Delhi Correspondent: Shelly Rankin
  • Shanghai Correspondent: Robyn Robinson
  • Seoul Correspondent: Evan Evans
  • Sydney Correspondent: Stan Mercer

WTNYCorporation News Exchange members

  • Dubai TV (UAE)
  • M6 (France)
  • RTL (Germany)
  • ANT1 (Greece and Cyprus)
  • Alpha (Greece)
  • Puls 4 (Austria)
  • Lider TV (Azerbaijan)
  • Telecinco (Spain)
  • LA7 (Italy)
  • Sky TG24 (Italy)
  • Polsat (Poland)
  • SIC (Portugal)
  • Klan (Albania and Kosovo)
  • MetroTV (Indonesia)
  • NTV (Russia)
  • Pink (Serbia)
  • Hayat (Bosnia)
  • Pop TV (Slovenia)
  • TV4 (Sweden)
  • TV2 (Denmark)
  • TV2 (Norway)
  • MTV (Finland)
  • LNK (Lithuania)
  • TV3 (Estonia)
  • LNT (Latvia)
  • RTL KLUB (Hungary)
  • One News (Malta)
  • ITN (Sri Lanka)
  • VTV (Vietnam)
  • TV3 (Malaysia)
  • NTV (Turkey)
  • RTL NIEUWS (Holland)
  • TBS (Japan)
  • SBS (Korea)
  • TVBS (Taiwan)
  • TVB (Hong Kong)
  • RTL (Croatia)
  • Sitel (Macedonia)
  • ABS CBN (Philippines)
  • Thai News Agency MCOT (Thailand)
  • Ary News (Pakistan)
  • NDTV News (India)
  • Al Ghad (Egypt)
  • Unitel (Bolivia)
  • Noticias SIN (Domenican Republic)
  • Latina (Peru)
  • Caracol (Colombia)
  • Televen (Venezuela)
  • Azteca (Mexico)
  • Azteca Guate (Guatemala)
  • Canal 12 (El Salvador)
  • Azteca (Honduras)
  • Band (Brazil)
  • Telefe (Argentina)
  • Mega (Chile)
  • RTL TVI, VTM (Belgium)
  • KTN (Kenya)
  • ANN7 (South Africa)
  • Channels TV (Nigeria)
  • Sky News (United Kingdom)
  • Télévision Indépendante (Canada)
  • Seven Network (Australia)
  • Mediacorp (Singapore)
  • STV (Belarus)
  • 1+1 (Ukraine)
  • Rustavi 2 (Georgia)
  • Rudaw (Kurdistan)
  • Nova (Czech Republic)
  • Markiza (Slovakia)
  • TV3 (New Zealand)