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The National Television Network


Commercial Television Network


United States


March 10th, 1959 (as United Broadcasting Network); October 4th 2015 (as The National Television)


Proud to be American (primary)
The New Era of Television (secondary)


New York City, NY





Launch date

May 15, 1959

Picture format

720p (HDTV)
480i (4:3 SDTV)

Callsign meaning

National Tele Vision


The National Television is an television network owned by WTNYCorporation. It started its programming on March 10th, 1959 as UBN, before rebranding as The National Television in 2015. It was closed on February 11th 2017, and later reopened on June 14th 2017, originally the plan was to relanuch the network on June 15th 2017. The main rivals of the network are RKO Network, Hyper Network, Rainbow Dash Network, American Broadcast Network and Import Network. On October 20th 2017 it was announced that The National Television would be as NTV, but "The National Television" branding would continue to be in use as the official network name. The new name and branding beme in use from October 22nd 2017.

Current programming

News and information (under the TNT News banner)

Sports (under the The Sports Nation banner)


Game Shows

Talk shows




  • The Saturday Movie
  • The Sunday Movie

Fall 2018 Schedule (from September 4th)

Weekdays (all times ET/CT) : 

4am The Early Edition

4:30am Local programming

9am Daytime LIVE with Steph Garris and Clive McGean

10am 3rd Degree

10:30am Trivial Pursuit: America Plays

11am Local programming

1pm/12pm TLN: The Lunchtime News

1:30pm/12:30pm Only Connect

2pm/1pm Bargain Hunt USA

2:30pm/1:30pm Ready Steady Cook

3pm/2pm Local programming

6:30pm/5:30pm TEN: The Evening News

7pm/6pm Local programming

8pm/7pm Primetime

10pm/9pm Local News

11:30pm/10:30pm Lateline

12am/11pm The Midnight Lunch with Arsenio Hall

1am/12am Overnight Edition

Saturday (all times ET/CT) 

5am/4am Local programming 

9am/8am Katie Morag (E/I) 

9:30am/8:30am Show Me Show Me (E/I) 

10am/9am In The Night Garden (E/I) 

10:30am/9:30am My Pet and Me (E/I) 

11am/10am Big Cook Little Cook (E/I) 

11:30am/10:30am Charlie and Lola (E/I) 

12pm/11am Local programming

2pm/1pm Saturday Kitchen

3pm/2pm Question Time

4pm/3pm Final Score 

5pm/4pm Local News

6:30pm/5:30pm TEN: The Evening News

7pm/6pm Local programming

8pm/7pm Primetime

10pm/9pm Local News

11:30pm/10:30pm Final Score

12am/11pm Local programming

1am/12am Overnight Edition

Sunday (all times ET/CT):

5am/4am Local programming

9am/8am Sunday Politics

10am/9am Local Programming

2pm/1pm Countryfile: USA

3pm/2pm Local programming

4:30pm/3:30pm University Challenge

5pm/4pm Local News

6:30pm/5:30pm TEN: The Evening News

7pm/6pm Primetime

10pm/9pm Local News

11:30pm/10:30pm Final Score Sunday

12:30am/11:30pm Have I Got News for You

1am/12am Overnight Edition

Primetime schedule (all times ET/CT) :


7pm/6pm 9th Floor

8pm/7pm Damien

9pm/8pm Salem 

10pm/9pm Local programming


8pm/7pm The Mist

9pm/8pm Dark Matter

10pm/9pm Local programming


8pm/7pm Unforgettable

9pm/8pm Patriot

10pm/9pm Local programming


8pm/7pm Girls

9pm/8pm Black Sails

10pm/9pm Local programming


8pm/7pm Gypsy

9pm/8pm Love

9:30pm/8:30pm Girlboss

10pm/9pm Local programming


8pm/7pm Mutant X

9pm/8pm Survivor's Remorse

10pm/9pm Local programming


7pm/6pm Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe

7:30pm/6:30pm The Noose

8pm/7pm Jono and Ben

9pm/8pm Recovery Road

10pm/9pm Local programming