This Hour Has America's 22 Minutes
22 Minutes
The title card for 22 Minutes

Also known as

22 Minutes



Based on

This Hour Has 22 Minutes by Mary Walsh


Mary Walsh (1996-present)
Jason Sudeikis (2013-present)
Michael McDonald (2009-present)
Frank Caliendo (2007-present)
Phil LaMarr (2001-present)
Shannen Doherty (2004-present)

Country of origin

United States

No. of episodes

22-24 per season, 17 seasons

Running time

approx. 22 minutes

Production company(s)

Salter Street Films (1996-2004)
Alliance Atlantis (2004-2005)
Halifax Film (2005-2006)
DHX Media (2006-present)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (1996-present)
Rediffusion Television (1996-present)
Granada Entertainment (1996-2002)
Granada America (2002-2009)
ITV Studios America (2009-present)
RKO Television Entertainment (1996-2004)
RKO Television Studios (2004-present)

Original channel

RKO Network

Original run

October 27, 1996-present

This Hour Has America's 22 Minutes (almost always referred since Fall 2009 as simply 22 Minutes, the full title is still seen briefly in the show's current introduction) is a weekly American television comedy aired by RKO Network and the American version of the Canadian series This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Launched in October 27, 1996, the show focuses on American politics, combining news parody, sketch comedy and satirical editorials.

The first six seasons aired on Sunday 8:00PM competing with The Simpsons on the same network, the number one show at a time. The remaining seasons airs on Fridays at 11:00PM. The show was originally taped at the RKO Network headquarters in New York City and moved to the RKO Television Studios in Los Angeles, California in Fall 2009, which was controversially recieved by local viewers, defending that 22 Minutes is New York's cultural patrimony and moving it to Los Angeles would be a big mistake.

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