This is a list of US television stations with 3-Letter Callsigns




City Affiliate
KCV-TV 5 (5) Seattle, WA QTV
KFX-CD 5 (5) Vancouver, WA FOX
KGA-TV 7 (7) San Fransokyo, CA ABN
KLA-TV 8 (52) Los Angeles, CA CBS
KLZ-TV 8 (30) Denver, CO CBS
KRK-CD 6 (6) Vancouver, WA RKO
KSA-TV 4 (3) Sitka, AK CBS
KST-TV 6 (7) Seattle, WA FOX
KTO-TV 11 (63) Tulsa, OK NBC
KUH-TV 5 (5) Houston, TX UBN
KWC-TV 15 (15) Oklahoma City, OK HYP
KYA 8 (8) Fresno, CA WIN
KZQ-TV 7 (8) Arlen, TX NBC
WHK-TV 19 (20) Cleveland, OH UBN
WIN-TV 28 (28) Lakeland, FL WIN
WPC-DT (31) Chicago, IL PBC
WYK (3) Beachwood, CA CBS

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