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Querétaro, QT, MX.


Asociación Mexicana de Telecomunicaciones


TV3 (Mexico)

Launch date

October 26, 1986

Former channel number

Former Affiliation

Visión is a mexican TV network established in October 1986, it is based in Queretaro.


Founded by the members of the Asociación Mexicana de Telecomunicaciones in late 1986. In 1987 the network just reached 10% of Mexican territory. And the rest via-satellite. Visión currently covers almost 80% of the country by over-the-air signal.

The network was named Telemexico or T3M from 1986 to 1994. CTV3 from July 1994 to December, 1997, Vision 2000 from January 1st, 1998 to July 2002. And TV3 from July 30th, 2002 to October 28th, 2016.


The network broadcasts movies, news and American, British, Canadian, French and original series, a variety of sports like American Football and Mexican and international soccer, the Summer and Winter Olympics, etc.

Weekdays schedule


06:00  Panorama Noticias al despertar

08:00  Panorama Regional al despertar

09:00  ¡Arriba y de buenas!

10:00 Minivisión

12:00 Visión Go!

15:00 En contacto con la música (Monday, wednesday and friday)

El tiempo no perdona (Tuesday and Thursday)

15:30 Visarts (Monday)

Vidas (Tuesday and Thursday)

El Diván (Wednesday and Friday)

16:00 México Directo

17:00 El remate (Monday, wednesday and friday)

Zapeando (Tuesday and Thursday)

17:30   Panorama Noticias a la Tarde

18:30   Panorama Regional Edición de la Tarde

19:00   Medio Tiempo de Parodia (Monday and wednesday)       

En Colores (Tuesday and Thursday)       

Copa MX (Wednesday)

Thursday Night Football

Ice Road Truckers (Friday)

20:00 El intermedio (Lunes a jueves)

Storage Wars (Viernes)

21:00 Orphan Black (Monday, wednesday and friday)

Riverdale (Tuesday and Thursday)

Copa MX (Wednesday)

22:00 Runaway (Monday)

El corazón de la bruja (Tuesday)

Fargo (Wednesday)

Skins UK (Friday)

23:00 Panorama Noticias Central

23:30 Panorama Noticias Regional

00:00 La lista roja (Monday)

Misfits (Tuesday and Thursday)

Profilage (Wednesday)

Weekend schedule


06:00 Paid programming 

08:00 Heidi

08:30 Garfield and friends

09:00 Hey Arnold!

09:30 Courage, the cowardly dog

10:00 Rocket Power

10:30 The Wild Thornberrys  

11:00 Jacob Two Two  

11:30 Martin Mystery 

12:00 Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir 

12:30 ChalkZone 

13:00 Pirámide

14:00 Cinevisión

16:00 Major League Baseball

19:00 47 segundos

19:30 Cifras y letras

20:00 Arena 44 Sábado

21:00 Shingeki no kyojin

21:30 Shigatsu wa kimi no usu

22:00 Nadame Cantabile

22:30 Yumekui merry

23:00 Sonambulando

00:00 Al Grano


06:00 Paid programming

08:00 Heidi 

08:30 Garfield and friends

09:00 Hey Arnold!

09:30 Courage, the cowardly dog

10:00 Rocket Power

10:30 The Wild Thornberrys  

11:00 Jacob Two Two  

11:30 Martin Mystery 

12:00 Ascenso MX Soccer/Cinevisión 

14:00 Local programming 

16:00 Liga MX Soccer/Cinevisión 

18:00 Storage Wars 

19:00 Ice Road Truckers 

20:00 The Profit 

21:00 Arena 44 

22:00 Vidas anónimas

23:00 Al Grano

Original series

Alta Velocidad (Speeding) (2010): Two racing car drivers, the son and the daughter of old rivals, fall in a forbidden love.

El Imperio (The Empire) (2010-2015): Marcos Lopez, owner of the Emperors, a fictional Mexican soccer team, suddenly dies during his vacations in Puerto Vallarta. Then Carlota Reyes, his widow, gains the team's control, but she's not prepared to deal with the nuts and bolts of being the General Manager of a successful team. She will have the help of Rogelio Murillo, manager of the team. To protect it and Carlota from the obscure interests from Marcos' nephew Francisco and his lover, a power hungry former actress and journalist.

Amuletos (The Amulets, 2011) Three ancient amulets had disappeared from a tiny town in the Gulf coast. Four vacationing students will try to find them and to fight a foreign corporation that stole the relics to force the town's people to move to another place, so they can build an enormous luxury beach club and resort over their homes.

Culpados (Guilty, 2013) A fire in a luxury hotel in Mexico City will start an investigation led by Judge Monica Moreno. The main suspect, Fernando Trujillo, an important politician, will be involved in a plot of suspicions and secrets

Carla (2015) Short series about a young man questioning his loyalty to his long time girlfriend Karla.

Fatales (2016): Version of Cinemax's Femme Fatales

Sin Secretos entre Nosotros (No Secrets Among Us, 2015-...) Everyone has a secret to hide...

Volare: Séptimo cielo (Volare: 7th Heaven, 2015) Story about the life of the employees of an airline.

Frida Runaway (2016-...)

Ojos verdes (Green Eyes, 2016-...)

La lista roja (The red list, 2018) Version of Lifetime TV series The Client list

Túneles (Tunnels, 2018)

Original telenovelas

Sin Entender (Misunderstood, 2010) The story of Kurt, a German immigrant in Mexico who finds it hard to learn Spanish, but falls in love with his teacher: Olga.

Almas Traicionadas (Betrayed Souls, 2010-2011) Tells the story of four couples within which lies and infidelity are the principal problems they face.

Creo que no es el (He's not him, 2011) A thriller about a woman who suspects that her husband has been replaced for an impostor.

La Doble Vida (Double Life, 2012) A woman pretends to be her dying identical twin.

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