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Noblesville/Indianapolis, IN


"indyMetro 2/38"


"Indy Metro is my IFX!"



2.1 - IFX Network
2.2 - SkyWatch 2 Radar & News


IFX Network

First air date

1996 (WIXZ)
2001 (WTFX-CD)

Former call letters


Former channel number


Former Affiliation



Depot Media Group
(IFX Licensee Indiana, LLC)

WIXZ-TV (virtual channel 2, digital channel 24) is the IFX Network affliate for Indianapolis, licensed to Noblesville, Indiana. The studios for WIXZ are located directly east of Noblesville on Indiana State Route 38 with its transmitter located near East 196th Street, also in Noblesville. It is a network owned and operated station (through IFX Licensee Indiana, LLC).

WIXZ has a satelite station, WTFX-CD, in Trafalgar, Indiana, to improve signal in the Bloomington and southern Indianapolis area, whose transmitter is located on Indiana State Route 252 in Trafalgar.


WIXZ-TV signed on August 18, 1996 as an independent station, however, only lasted for one year before it's owner declared bankruptcy due to mis-management and how low budget the station was. Depot Media, LP, a company lead by several entrepeneurs in Indianapolis, bought the station and experimented with several changes before launching the IFX Network in 1999, WIXZ being the flagship station.

The station was starting to gain steam but had complaints from the southern part of Indianapolis and Bloomington about being unable to recieve WIXZ without cable TV or satelite TV, so WIXZ accquired a defunct WTFX-CD of Trafalgar, Indiana and signed it on the air in 2001 as a repeater of WIXZ.

For a short time, WIXZ-DT2 and WTFX-DT2 were affliated with The CW but did not survive due to a contract disagreement with The CW's owners. Because of this, both stations were revamped, recieving new studios and even took WIXZ-DT2's branding of "indyMetro", despite being an IFX affliate.

The station upgraded to full HD in November of 2008 and shut down it's analog signals on June 2, 2009 at 1:00PM.

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